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Friday, 25 August 2006

Read Laurie Marker's Report from Ethiopia

In November 2005, CCF representatives were able to coordinate a group of Ethiopian officials and concerned individuals helped by representatives in the US Embassy in Addis, the US military unit, and the Ethiopian Wolf Conservation Programme to rescue two cheetah cubs in south eastern Ethiopia and transport the cubs from Gode to Addis Ababa.

CCF was asked to find the funding to assist in the building of a new facility to house these two cheetah cubs as well as to support their long-term annual care, including food and veterinary care. It was then decided that CCF needed to assess the situation and see what could be done to assist and facilitate this process.

By the end of May 2006, with the support of the Born Free Foundation, a trip was planned for the 15-19th of June. A full report has now been posted on our web site. Click here to view, or right-click to download, the report.

Hope you enjoy and greetings from Namibia!


Monday, 7 August 2006

Quick Update from Namibia

Hi Cheetah Friends:

Just wanted you to know that we had a litter of 10 puppies born today to our female Tylee – so, we are very pleased. Also, we just finished working on a big male cheetah that will be released tomorrow morning.

We started all our strip counts today and will go into our 24-hour full moon waterhole count on Wednesday. This is always exciting because our Centre becomes a hive of activity with so many people helping with the count!

On the visitors front, our new Earthwatch team arrived yesterday. The Earth Expeditions group also visiting is in Etosha today.

OK, just wanted to fill you all in our a few exciting things.