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Saturday, 21 April 2007

More Cheetahs Come to CCF!

All is as busy as ever here in Namibia – unfortunately we currently have 45 cheetahs at CCF – we had 7 confiscated cheetahs come to us in the last month. But, on a good note, we just finished another of our week-long farmer’s training programs with 25 more conservation farmers graduating – and as to graduation – CCF’s research assistant, Fabiano is graduating today with his Master’s degree!!

Thanks and more thanks for everyone who showed Matti Oregon!!!! I am so excited that he was able to visit and share CCF with you as well as seeing how committed all of you are to CCF’s mission and how much help you all put into keeping CCF working over here in Africa to save the cheetah.

We thank you all for your being a huge part of our lives,