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Monday, 22 February 2010

NamibRand Boys - update as of 19/Feb

We have unusually detailed information this week since the satellite collar seems to have changed to an earlier duty schedule.  We are checking on this to try and work out why, since if this continues the batteries will be exhausted much faster than we'd anticipated.

Given the large number of points, it is impossible to display on a single map, so I have hidden the majority.  Staff at NamibRand have already reported that they discovered the boys feeding on a zebra calf at the Sandgrouse waterhole earlier in the week.



Thursday, 18 February 2010

Photos of the NamibRand Boys

For your enjoyment! Photos sent by the Warden at NamibRand.

As for the female, Rob reported that there was very good data for the female this week. Unfortunately it all places her very squarely on Hammerstein. As of about ten to seven yesterday she was 9.5 km east of the NRNR boundary, and 1.2 km SW on the C19 (map).


Monday, 15 February 2010


One of our favorite Cheetah Kids just sent this to us as a tribute to Leia. We think it is beautiful. Enjoy it!


Hi Patricia,


I heard about Leia a few days after she died on the 7th from. I thought that I'd draw something in memory of her, I would have sent it sooner, but it took a while to finish...


Hope you are doing well,




Saturday, 13 February 2010

NamibRand female - update as of 7/Feb

The female has moved back into the area she was occupying a few weeks ago just before returning to the reserve (map).  She is on the farm Hammerstein, and just under 7 km from the NRNR boundary.


The boys seems to have had quite a relaxed week, never moving more than 2 km from Keerweder.  It looks as if they may have drunk at the Keerweder waterhole yesterday evening at around 18:30.




Friday, 12 February 2010

Keeper's Notes - the Chocolate Girls

Hershey has one of the most symmetrical and beautiful cheetah faces, so it’s no surprise that she is also one of the biggest posers for the camera when it comes time for feeding and safaris.  When you look at her perfect posture, you can see why the Egyptians worshiped these majestic animals – Hershey is a living goddess from ancient Egypt.

Nestle was putting on quite a show for our volunteers the other day.  She started with arriving at the fence full of hissing and spitting, but decided it was too hot to carry on with these acts.  So she moved over to the shade and began rolling around in the grass like a playful kitten.  When we began to run the girls, her sister Toblerone normally steals the show, but that day Nestle was running alongside her, giving Toblerone a run for her money!  And the day for Nestle ended with a beautiful grab of fresh meat right out of the air and off under the shade to devour her much deserved meal.

What better Valentine’s Day present than chocolate! Please consider sponsoring one of these girls. Visit our web site at




Thursday, 11 February 2010

Field report about the cheetah cub

Here is what we know about the new cheetah cub that arrived at CCF last Tuesday:


According to Namibian Ministry of Environment and Tourism (MET) official, the communal farmer had dogs barking during the night of Monday morning at the kraal (pen) and went to investigate. A mother cheetah with two cubs was found in the kraal and had killed already five goats. The mother and one cub managed to escape before the people came at the kraal but the remaining cub was captured. The next morning the local MET called to fetch the cub from the farm. He said that if the cub was old enough to fend for itself he would have released it in the area were the mother might be roaming still. Unfortunately the cub is about 4 months’ old and thus not old enough to be on its own. That is when they called CCF. The cub was in his office when we arrived, and to keep her from escaping –they don’t have animal facilities at the office, her hind legs were tied together. The official informed CCF staff that there is a big number of livestock losses in that region due to cheetah and leopard. CCF will certainly begin contacting farmers in the area to provide them with solutions to this issue. It is important to bear in mind that the loss of one single goat can case tremendous financial strain to these farmers, thus teaching the farmers how to avoid these losses is crucial.







Wednesday, 10 February 2010

International Course and a new cub at CCF

HI –  A quick update. 


On Sunday our main Education Team (Matti, Fabiano, Leigh, Gail, and Jacqueline and student Ngwnge – we meet up with 22 participants from our 3rd international Integrated Livestock, Wildlife and Predator Management course– they are from 4 countries – Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, and Mozambique (our 1st participant from there). We spent Monday and Tuesday in extensive course workshop utilizing people from Windhoek to teach. Then last night arrived at CCF – the course continued today.


Yesterday we had a call from the Ministry of Wildlife in Damaraland (communal area to the west) and a cheetah cub was in their offices – the story is that on Sunday a mother and 2 cubs were in a goat kraal and killed 5 goats and they caught the one cub and the mother and the other cub got away.  Apparently the cub was tied up by the leg with wire so that it could not get away.  So, when I got home last night here was this cub - ~ 4 months old – which should be a wild, nasty, hissy, spatty half crazy/mad cheetah cub.  Instead after getting to know it today – its nearly tame.  So… what a story – we will see if we can get the real story out of the local community.. But, for now, as I type, the cub is in a smaller crate right next to me, as calm as could be letting me pet its nose. 


She came in on Patricia’s Birthday (yesterday) so, I call her Patricia’s birthday present – others call her Leia’s gift= or a bit of destiny.   


So,  that’s a short update.



Sunday, 7 February 2010

Leia passing

Hi – sorry for the morning news, but we did euthanize Leia this morning.  Her condition was deteriorating – and her kidneys had quit functioning.

Sorry for this bad news – but I did want to share it with you.  I have been with her most of the time and giving critical care and love.  Our staff all were able to give their last goodbyes and no dry eyes. 

She was loved by many and has been here so long.  Matti this morning saw me sitting with her and said, “ I remember when she came in, you were sitting there with her, just like now…”

All the best,

Cheetahs and the London Marathon!

We're pleased to let you know that Craig Kenny will be running to raise money for cheetah conservation in the London Marathon this year!  

He's set up a special page on the JustGiving web site and we encourage you all to pop over there and make a donation. You can use a credit card or a PayPal account - it's easy. And if you’re a UK taxpayer, don't forget to select the GiftAid option.  

Thanks for your support!

The CCF UK Team

Friday, 5 February 2010

Concerns about Leia

Our old lady, 14-year-old cheetah Leia -- is in really bad shape. She is in renal failure so have had her on drip for the past three days. We will keep you posted on how this develops.

We are now going on dog trips to assess the health of the dogs and beginning to do tongue biopsies.

All else OK.