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Wednesday, 10 February 2010

International Course and a new cub at CCF

HI –  A quick update. 


On Sunday our main Education Team (Matti, Fabiano, Leigh, Gail, and Jacqueline and student Ngwnge – we meet up with 22 participants from our 3rd international Integrated Livestock, Wildlife and Predator Management course– they are from 4 countries – Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, and Mozambique (our 1st participant from there). We spent Monday and Tuesday in extensive course workshop utilizing people from Windhoek to teach. Then last night arrived at CCF – the course continued today.


Yesterday we had a call from the Ministry of Wildlife in Damaraland (communal area to the west) and a cheetah cub was in their offices – the story is that on Sunday a mother and 2 cubs were in a goat kraal and killed 5 goats and they caught the one cub and the mother and the other cub got away.  Apparently the cub was tied up by the leg with wire so that it could not get away.  So, when I got home last night here was this cub - ~ 4 months old – which should be a wild, nasty, hissy, spatty half crazy/mad cheetah cub.  Instead after getting to know it today – its nearly tame.  So… what a story – we will see if we can get the real story out of the local community.. But, for now, as I type, the cub is in a smaller crate right next to me, as calm as could be letting me pet its nose. 


She came in on Patricia’s Birthday (yesterday) so, I call her Patricia’s birthday present – others call her Leia’s gift= or a bit of destiny.   


So,  that’s a short update.



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