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Friday, 12 February 2010

Keeper's Notes - the Chocolate Girls

Hershey has one of the most symmetrical and beautiful cheetah faces, so it’s no surprise that she is also one of the biggest posers for the camera when it comes time for feeding and safaris.  When you look at her perfect posture, you can see why the Egyptians worshiped these majestic animals – Hershey is a living goddess from ancient Egypt.

Nestle was putting on quite a show for our volunteers the other day.  She started with arriving at the fence full of hissing and spitting, but decided it was too hot to carry on with these acts.  So she moved over to the shade and began rolling around in the grass like a playful kitten.  When we began to run the girls, her sister Toblerone normally steals the show, but that day Nestle was running alongside her, giving Toblerone a run for her money!  And the day for Nestle ended with a beautiful grab of fresh meat right out of the air and off under the shade to devour her much deserved meal.

What better Valentine’s Day present than chocolate! Please consider sponsoring one of these girls. Visit our web site at




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