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Thursday, 29 July 2010

NamibRand female - update as of 28/July

We have more data this week, and our lady has paid another quick visit to Neuhof Noord.  She was there on July 23rd, and possibly on the days just before than when we have no information.  From there, she crossed onto Omkyk, then headed south again, ending his week's trek on Swartmodder, early this morning.

She is currently 15km from NamibRand.




What our volunteers are saying.

We get some very nice notes from volunteers that come to help us at CCF’s Field Research and Education Center. I thought I’d share some of these with our blog readers, as the convey the uniqueness of working with the amazing cheetah. This one is from Allie:

“I love going feeding for many reasons.  I love getting to know the cats better and getting to know the people better as well.  Feeding out at Bellebenno is the BEST!  Matt is always kind and patient with all my questions.  I’ve learned a lot on the drives there and back and it’s so much fun getting to see the cats run.  I was also part of the boxing team for annuals [annual health checkups] and that was hard work, but SO amazing and rewarding.  I’ve had such a fantastic time here and feeding cats has been so special.  Matt and Kate have been THE BEST.  I’ve grown to love so many cats here.  They all have such unique personalities like Tiny, Josie’s mewing, The Stars’ purring, Klein’s patience, Solo’s attitude, and Darwin’s presence to name a few!  This has been an experience I will never forget.  Thanks for all the good times and great company!”


(photo – Feeding cheetahs at Bellebenno, by Patricia)

Thursday, 22 July 2010

NamibRand female - update as of 20/July

We only have one data point from the collar this week.  Hopefully that's the result of her being in mountainous terrain, rather than an indication of upcoming collar failure.  

As of 16:55 on Tuesday evening, she was on Hammerstein, but just 400m south of the southern boundary of Neuhof Noord.  



Friday, 16 July 2010

NamibRand Female (Great news!) - update as of 13/July

The female has definitely decided that the east is not as nice as the west and she spent the last week continuing to move back towards NamibRand.  She remained on Zaries until 11th July, then headed for Hammerstein, where she is so far remaining.  As of the early evening (19:25) on the 13th, she was just 7.2 km east of the NRNR border and 6.8 km SW of the C19.  



Saturday, 10 July 2010

NamibRand mother - update as of 7/July

After her great eastwards trek of last week, the female has turned around and is heading back westwards.  She is however continuing to drift southwards at the same time and after leaving Kalkhugel she slipped along the southern edge of Uitkoms  before entering Zaris -Oos.  She then crossed the C19 and as of the evening of July 6th she was on the farm of Zaries.  At that time she was 18 km east of the NRNR border.



Thursday, 8 July 2010

More Rhino images - June/2010

Here is rhino 2, minus the top of her anterior horn. It broke off around mid-month, and could take up to a year to fully re-grow.  It is also now believed that this female may be 1-2 years older than we previously thought, around seven years of age, rather than just five and a half.



Part 3: Rhino images - June/2010

Here is rhino 4. You can see both his ear-notch, and less clearly his horn transmitter.



Rhino images - June/2010

Here are two images of rhino 1 captured by our cameras in June. Note he attemted to mount another rhino (presumably a female). Given the short time it took him, it couldn’t have been a successful mating. But it’s great to see him trying!



Last Rhino images - June/2010

Concluding last month's images, here are rhinos 3 and 5 (5 is on the left).  They simply walked past each-other without additional interactions on this occasion.  



Sunday, 4 July 2010

Happy 4th of July USA!

Great news! Chewbaaka hasn't been taking fluids in the past few days, but he
is concentrating his urine and looking pretty good. He had a great birthday
with lots of attention, including a visit by the Kruger family – they are on
our Namibian Board. Also, the goat that was doing so poorly after a horrible
birth last week is now walking on her own after our getting her stronger
using a great sling.   

We ran the Stars and then Tiny Rohini Tallala and Polly the other day. Tiny
Rohini has a sore leg – not sure what is going on – it's the second time her
leg is sore but it looks better today. I don't think its linked to running,
but maybe to learning to live with Harry and Hermione.  We also took the
Stars out to the field (photo) today and to the play tree – they did really
good. We will keep doing this to get them to learn how. They are beautiful
but not like Chewbaaka – who follows me or leads me; the Stars want to go
off into the bush so they are on long leads. It was really fun. 

On the dog front, Phinda's puppies (photo) are getting big and will move to
the goat yard in a few days and will meet their first goats in the next few
days.  Finn and Isha, the scat dogs, are learning well. We hope to put them
into the field to find scat along with the camera traps soon. Camera traps
were launched last week and we are collecting our first photos; we have
gotten a cheetah and a leopard. 

Our International course group left a couple days ago. The High Commissioner
from Botswana was here at their farewell presentations, along with the First
Secretary of Kenya and the Regional warden of the Ministry of Wildlife for
Namibia. Our group of EarthWatchers leave tomorrow while we await Walt and
Sandra Bodley's arrival (Walt is one of our CCF USA Trustees).

Hope all have a great 4th of July in the US! No hotdogs here. Bruce and I
went to the US 4th of July event held by the US Ambassador on Friday. It was
great to see the past Namibian Ambassador to the US who has just arrived in
Namibia and is now the Permanent Secretary of Home Affairs. So, as the US
ambassador put it the other day – from the Land of the Free (as Namibia is
called) to the Land of the Brave (what the US is called) – I hope that you
all have a great 4th of July. Happy independence day.

Many cheetah purrs,


Thursday, 1 July 2010

NamibRand Female - update as of 29/June

The female has moved onto new territory, for her, this week and I'm afraid that she has, at least for now, left Neuhof far behind.  I've had to add six new farms onto my map, all to the east.

The final point last week was on June 22nd.  We have no data for the 23rd, 24th or 25th, but by the 26th she was in the SW corner of Theronsberg. A day later she'd reached the far side of Harmonie, then she may have clipped the edge of Hoheacht, on her way onto the northern half of Kalkhugel.  She then spent the afternoon of the 28th and the very early part of the morning of the 29th on Uitkoms, before proceeding even further east onto southern Kalkhugel, when she was yesterday evening.

As of 11 PM last night she was 5 km north of the C19, 40 km east of the edge of NRNR, 28 km from Neuhof Noord, and about 48 km west of Maltahöhe.  There is no sign of her slowing down at present, so who knows where she'll be next week.  



Polly and Tiny join the Hogwarts girls.

Scar member Polly and adoptee Scar Tiny Rohini Talalla were introduced to their new pen mates Harry and Hermione, the girls from The Hogwarts cheetah trio.  This is the first time Polly has been separated from her brothers Tony, Phil and Mischief, but she seemed relaxed in her new home.

Tiny was very inquisitive as she explored her new surroundings.  Chewbaaka strolled over to say hello to Tiny through the fencing.  After an initial chase, Harry and Hermione seemed

To take the new additions it in their stride. 

More updates to follow as we have left the gate open and they are back.

(Photos: Polly going through the gate to her new home and Tiny relaxing in her new home)