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Thursday, 1 July 2010

Polly and Tiny join the Hogwarts girls.

Scar member Polly and adoptee Scar Tiny Rohini Talalla were introduced to their new pen mates Harry and Hermione, the girls from The Hogwarts cheetah trio.  This is the first time Polly has been separated from her brothers Tony, Phil and Mischief, but she seemed relaxed in her new home.

Tiny was very inquisitive as she explored her new surroundings.  Chewbaaka strolled over to say hello to Tiny through the fencing.  After an initial chase, Harry and Hermione seemed

To take the new additions it in their stride. 

More updates to follow as we have left the gate open and they are back.

(Photos: Polly going through the gate to her new home and Tiny relaxing in her new home)




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