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Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Update from Laurie in Namibia

We just had our awards ceremony for our 4th Conservation Biology course and graduated 22 people from 8 countries.  We had the Botswana High Commissioner here, the 1st Secretary from the Kenya High Commission and the Regional Warden from our Namibian Ministry of Wildlife.   It was a really good day with final presentations from the course participations and so much good will in all our efforts to make the cheetah survive for the future.  On another note, we are planning for our annual gala (July 17th) and we will be highlighting our partnership with the farmers and meat industry.  I will keep you posted on this as we go forward towards our Gala.  I was smiling a lot today. And a sick dairy goat that we have been nurturing for the past several days (a story in its own right) is doing better today!  We have put cheetah Polly and Rohini Tallala together with Harry and Hermonie yesterday and they seem to be doing OK today.  So a good day has been had by all!

And Chewbaaka will be 15 in 2 days – we have been giving him sub-q fluids every other day and he is a star for accepting us doing this. He is looking good.

Lots of cheetah purrs.



  1. I love good reports! Thanks for sharing. Hope Chewbaaka has a fabulous birthday. Are y'all singing to him again this year?

  2. Margaret Wilkie4:32 pm

    What wondrous things CCF hath wrought. I predict that you'll receive a Nobel Prize someday, Laurie--but it may be awhile yet, as it takes the doofusses on the Committee a long time to get the picture sometimes!
    I wish Chewbaaka a wonderful birthday, and will be there in spirit to sing to him. Are you fixing him a special dinner? ;-)