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Saturday, 23 July 2005

A new Kangal puppy

We help farmers to keep potentially problem cheetahs away from their herds of goats, cattle and other livestock through our Livestock Guarding Dog program. At CCF, we breed Turkish Kangal shepherd dogs, and donate them to farmers when they are still quite young. The puppies bond with the livestock herds and protect them from intruders, cheetah and otherwise. This program has been a resounding success and CCF will continue its efforts in this program.

We just imported a very handsome little Anatolian puppy of 8 weeks old, Amos, from South Africa. Amos is of a new bloodline and will become a new breeding male for our livestock guarding dog program. He and our young new breeding female, Usi, are both bonding nicely to our flock of goats. Usi is the fourth generation born at CCF since the start of our guarding dog program 10 years ago. Tyger, Usi’s grandmother, has just given birth to her 5th litter, so we are now the proud family of two adorable new female puppies.

Our livestock guarding dog program has received international recognition and is being used as a model in other areas facing livestock-cheetah conflict. During the past several months, CCF has been helping South Africa to begin a more active guarding dog programs and we are pleased that we can leverage our success in this way.

- Laurie Marker

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