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Monday, 29 August 2005

Cat in a bag

CCF was recently called to a farm south of Otjiwarongo to collect a young cheetah caught that morning. Much to our surprise, when we got there, the cheetah was literally bagged. Being only about four months old, this little guy fit quite comfortably into a "streepsak" (feedbag).

The mom and two cubs had been seen on the road by the farm manager and some workers, and the temptation to try catch them could not be resisted. The farm workers set off in hot pursuit and one of them returned triumphant, carrying the unfortunate cub. Luckily, the farm owner agreed to make the cat’s day by releasing it where it was caught. Mum had been looking for him, as her tracks were in the car tracks left by the vehicle that "abducted" her youngster earlier that morning.

Cheetahs can hear one another calling for a distance of up to three kilometers, so we are confident the group was happily reunited.

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