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Friday, 1 December 2006

From Algeria to Ethiopia

I have just returned from Algeria. We learned a lot and there is a lot more to do. There is a good possibility that members from both National Parks where there are cheetahs will be coming to CCF for more training, and that we will be assisting in more extensive training courses for their staff and other professionals in both the Ministry of Environment and the Forestry Departments.

Now I am about to leave for Ethiopia for a planning workshop on Monday around the issues of captive and wild large carnivores. This workshop has come about as a result of the two cheetah cubs that were confiscated in November 2005 in Ethiopia, and now the lion issues are really bringing things to the forefront.

The meeting will also be discussing the illegal trade of the large carnivores from the region (cheetahs and lions)- and how to begin a strategy around protecting the wild populations of these cats.


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