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Sunday, 24 February 2008

New Kangal Puppy Arrives from Holland!

Last week Simone and Michael from Spots Holland delivered an exciting new gift to CCF. Spots, a Kangal Shepherd dog, was given to CCF by generous supporters, Abdullah and Mustafa, who take great pride in their dogs and in helping the cheetah. At nine weeks old, Spots is being raised as CCF's new breeding male. He will bring new genes to our Livestock Guarding Dog breeding program. While our current breeding male Amos is doing a great job, we look forward to this new addition. As you've read, late last year Amos produced two litters and early this year two more. Our staff is currently on the road busily checking up on the puppies from the first two. We are proud to have placed 4 litters this year with eager farmers, yet we still have many more on the waiting list. We appreciate your continued support in our conservation programs and helping us to raise these guarding dogs. Through this program we are showing that cheetahs and humans can live together!

Since 1994, CCF has placed more than 275 dogs as livestock guardians. These dogs provide a method of non-lethal predator control that protects the farmer's livelihood while conserving predator species.

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