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Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Update from NamibRand

18th January

Hi guys, just a quick update. It took us awhile to find the boys this morning. We were getting signals from all over the place and as it turns out they were around the base of the mountains at Wolwedans. As we just picked up their tracks, one of them (90% sure it was Kia) exploded from behind a bush and at about two hundred meters took down a large-looking Oryx. The Oryx had tried to turn sharply to the left but Kia was too quick and turned fast enough to trip up the Oryx's hind legs. Within seconds he had it and the others were there to help. They managed to keep off around 70 other Oryx that came to the calls of the dying. The Oryx stood by helplessly as the boys enjoyed the second kill of the week. We managed to see it all and will easily get back this afternoon to get all the details for you. Hope you enjoy this good news and it sees you well. I'll send you the rest tonight! -James

Later in the evening...

The boys spent the entire day by the kill. I tired to get close once as they were resting by a tree but as the saw me approach the quickly returned to the sight and started feeding again. I will get more information and hopefully some sample as soon as possible. I have been taking photos as well but my camera isn't very good. I'll see what I can do on that front however. Very excited to witness another great tackle by them let's hope they keep it up! -James.

Ps We had some guests from Wolwedans lodge today, they thoroughly enjoyed the experience and were keen on learning about the tracking process. The Wolwedans lodge guides were having a great time too. Great day altogether though!

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