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Thursday, 21 January 2010

NamibRand cheetahs - update as of 20/jan

Since leaving the reserve the female has moved deeper onto Hammerstein and across the border into the Eastern segment of the farm.  As of Tuesday afternoon, she was 7 km from the reserve boundary (see map).

Meantime, the boys have also been moving around quite a bit recently, with (presumably) hunting trips to Toskaan, the Bushman Koppies and the south. They also appear to have drunk from Porcupine and Sandgrouse waterholes and on the morning of the 12th, visited Keerweder.




  1. Anonymous9:42 pm

    Got a quick question--is the NamibRand coalition of five all brothers? And if not, how did they meet and accept their "chosen family"?

  2. They were grouped together when they arrived at CCF around 2003. Kia and Ra are brothers, as are Lindt and Cadbury. Mushara is not related to them.