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Friday, 14 January 2011

NamibRand female - update as of 10/Jan

Happy New Year everyone!  May 2011 bring success to all of us, and to the various endangered species' under our care.

The end of 2010 seemed to bring an end to transmissions, however the new year has brought further new data, so it seems we may be able to continue the monitoring at least a little while longer.

Interestingly, the female appear to have settled into a new den on Hammerstein, one she is spending a lot of time in, with occasional trips out.  She was there on 1st January, then trekked a couple of kilometres NE on the 2nd before returning to her den that same evening. On the 4th, she went her furthest, 9 km NNW and may have briefly crossed into Neuhof.  There's no data for the 5th, but the 6th saw her back in her apparent den.  The 7th saw her making a much shorter trip NW and remaining well within Hammerstein and since then she has remained within 200m of both her start and end points.

As of 10 AM on 10th Jan she was still close to the same point, 7 km due east of NamibRand on the same latitude as the Bushman Koppies.


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