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Sunday, 19 June 2011

Coughing Cheetahs

Several of our cheetah have developed a dry cough. It appears to be either viral or bacterial in nature, as several cats living together all have contracted it. We have them on supportive antibiotics and are keeping a very close eye on them. Currently, none of them are critical and we think that our careful observations will alert us to any major problems. Another of our cheetahs it appears has been stung by a bee and we administered anti-inflammatory and supportive antibiotic, the swelling has gone down.

Our OK cubs have also been a bit off, and we are monitoring them also very carefully. So, it has been quite busy the last few days.



  1. Anonymous7:28 pm

    A good cure for all.
    Une bonne guérison pour tous.

  2. Anonymous9:27 pm

    So sorry to know that ! Hope all will get better as soon as possible !
    Désolée de l'apprendre ! Espérons qu'ils vont tous aller mieux aussi vite que possible !


  3. I will be sending positive thoughts to those sweet creatures. We all know they are in best hands on the planet. Thanks Laurie for all you do. TC Patty

  4. judyanderson3:31 am

    Oh, hope the babies are feeling much better very soon! Have you ever used homeopathy or essential oils to treat the cheetahs rather than antibiotics? Those protocols are usually healthier and less money to use.