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Monday, 12 December 2011

Wild Cheetah and Cubs Released

On Friday we released the wild mom and her now five cubs (adopted and her
own) and they went out of their holding area fast.  We have a satellite
collar on mom and she is a couple of kilometres from where we released her
(her collar downloaded today). We will know more on her movements on
Wednesday. It is great, as the cubs bonded and she bonded to all of them, so
we feel really good about her release.

Also, the male cheetahs in Bellebenno caught a female kudu yesterday and are
moving more in the camp.  This is their sixth kill and we have not had to
feed them since the the few days.  We are very pleased with their progress.

All else going OK – had 40 mm of rain three days ago – sunny again now – but
our thatch roofs leak! 


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