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Sunday, 22 January 2012

Six more puppies placed on farms.

The surgeries.
On 9 and 10 January, we surgically sterilised Uschi’s litter of puppies prior to their placement on farms as livestock guarding dogs. CCF's veterinary nurse Rosie Glazier and veterinary nurse intern Stephanie Pearce assisted me with the surgeries, which went very well.
Future livestock guarding dogs go to their new homes.
Once sterilised, the six puppies were ready to go to their new homes. One female and two males left CCF on 14 January and another female and male left on 15 January. The last remaining puppy will be sent to its new home end of the month when her new owner returns from a trip. As usual, the receiving farmers went through CCF's one-day mandatory "puppy information day" that covers care and training of livestock guarding dogs as well as predator-friendly livestock management.
CCF's Gail Potgieter explains care and training of future livestock guarding dogs to a farmer.
All of the puppies seemed very excited, and the farmers were all very happy to receive their puppies that will help to protect their livelihoods as well as help to safeguard Namibia’s predator populations.


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