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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

New Additions to the Livestock Guarding Dog Programme - Puppies!

CCF are happy to announce the birth of five beautiful puppies, born to one of our Kangal dogs, Feliz.

Feliz was bred to our Kangal male, Firat, two months ago and we have been eagerly anticipating the birth of the puppies since confirming the pregnancies using ultra-sound. Feliz remained healthy and slowly started to fill out as the puppies grew. Last week she was moved to the birthing pen in our kraal area in anticipation of the birth.

Apparently, Feliz failed to study the book on birthing and so decided to do things her own way. When a dog is getting ready to go into labour, her temperature drops, so we had been diligently taking her temperature to ensure we were ready for the big occasion. As Feliz was due on 14th August we figured we had a good few days to monitor her and keep an eye open for any significant signs that she was due to give birth. But little did we know...

Sometime through the night of Friday 10th August, Feliz gave birth to six puppies, three male, three female. The discovery was made when our workers went to the kraal the next morning. Unfortunately one of the puppies, a male, wasn't alive but the other five were healthy and strong, and had been well looked after by their mom. They were clean and dry and suckling happily. So, well done Feliz!

These puppies will grow up to become guarding dogs and so are a vital part of the programme we run here. We'll keep you updated with their progress once they are ready to go to their new homes.  

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