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Thursday, 29 August 2013

The Musketeers and Saturn return to CCF

Some of our supporters might remember former CCF resident cheetahs, the Musketeers: Athos, Porthos and D’Artagnan, as well as Saturn (the brother of one of our females, Luna).

These males had come to CCF in 2005 at just under a year of age, and in 2008 were sent on-loan to a lodge near Windhoek, where they lived in a large area for the last five years. Saturn had been captured on a sheep farm with two siblings. He had a broken 4th neck vertebra and a broken front foot (two metatarsals).  These injuries were most likely sustained in the trap cage, possibly from the door closing on him, but with the proper care at CCF, Saturn recovered fully. The Musketeers were born in September 2004 and arrived at CCF when they were about eight months old. The cubs were caught on a game farm near Karibib, after their mother, one sibling, and two other adults were shot. They were named after the famous brave musketeers of legend.  

On 20 August 2013, a CCF team travelled to the lodge in order to pick up the four now adult males as the lodge owner could no longer keep them. The CCF team consisted of Dr. Laurie Marker, CCF veterinarians Drs. Hollis Stewart and Anne Schmidt-Kuentzel, and Head Cheetah Keeper Juliette Erdtsieck.  

One of the cheetahs being prepped for transport to CCF
The event was a great opportunity as the CCF team was joined by a French TV crew filming with Dr. Veronique Luddeni, CCF's collaborator from the French wolf organisation Parc ALPHA. The crew is highlighting the work done at CCF, in particular with regards  to the efforts done to foster peaceful cohabitation between predators and people.

French vet Dr. Veronique with Dr. Laurie Marker and Dr. Anne Schmidt-Kuentzel
Three of the cheetahs were caught easily as they walked into the capture cages and then boxed; the last one was darted and all four were taken back to CCF. As it is customary, the cheetahs were given a full health check up and were found to be in good health but underweight. They are now being nursed back to a healthy weight and are settling well as they enjoy the good care provided by our animal care team. 

Dr. Veronique with CCF Intern Julien Lehoux during the medical work-ups
Keep an eye on our web site as these beautiful males will soon be looking for sponsors! To meet CCF’s resident cheetahs and sponsor one (or several), please visit

(images courtesy of PallasTV)

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