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Thursday, 15 September 2005

A Message from Dr Marker

Dear CCF Friends,

CCF staff continue to be busy in our cheetah conservation efforts. I have traveled a lot this year and have had the opportunity of sharing the values of wildlife with many people in other countries as well as with fellow Namibians.

Learning about different cultures has been very interesting, especially when it includes discussions around cheetahs and other predators and ways of reducing conflict between humans and wildlife.

During my travels, I have been continuously pleased to see how our Namibian programs have taken root in various other countries where conflict occurs with predators. Namibia's farmers have become role models for integrated livestock and wildlife farming methods.

Because of this, we are even more pleased to be working together with MeatCo and the Conservancy Association of Namibia (CANAM) in developing a market that will pay a premium price for non-lethal predator farming practices through "Cheetah Country Beef."

Economic support will continue to be extremely important as it relates to maintaining habitat for a species like the cheetah. That is why we are so pleased that our Bushblok factory in Otjiwarongo has now been opened and is producing fuel logs daily. Together, CCF's programs are helping farmers and cheetahs in Namibia as well as in other African countries.

—Dr Laurie Marker

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