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Thursday, 15 September 2005

A sad story

In July, you may remember that CCF staff responded to a call from a farmer in Omitara who had collected an injured cheetah cub from a neighboring farm. The cub and its siblings had been chased by a farm worker.

The cub collected was caught after it was repeatedly kicked in the head. The cub, suffering from trauma to the head then spent three days in convulsions before CCF was contacted.

After a short assessment of the situation, CCF promptly requested diagnosis and treatment from Dr. Arthur Bagot-Smith.

The six-week-old female cub appeared to be improving under constant observation and care by CCF staff; however, a relapse of convulsions sadly brought the cub’s life to an end a few weeks later.

CCF requests fellow Namibians to not indiscriminately injure wild animals, and if cheetahs are causing a problem to please call CCF for assistance.

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