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Monday, 20 April 2009

NamibRand female: 4-14th April

Note. The below email has been in my outbox for nearly 24 hrs now - hopefully today the network will be more functional. Most of you are already aware of the situation with the female now anyway, but maybe this map can help visualise it. I have reduced the usual map size and quality to ease the sending.

I've just received the data for the past seven days from the collared female, and have to report that she has left the reserve. As you will see from the map she walked south from the Losberg, and the latest position data we have places her 11 km outside the reserve boundary and apparently continuing to move away. James reported a few days ago that he had spotted her cubs operating independently close to the reserve border, but managed to persuade them to move back inwards.

It will be another week before we can retrieve any further satellite data, but I will send that out as soon as I get it. Rob

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