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Friday, 24 April 2009

NamibRand Boys - update as of 23/Apr (Day 136)

It's been an interesting time for the boys, and as you can see from the map, they've moved around quite a bit.


Last week they gave us a bit of a scare, when they started following the trail of the collared female.  Those of you who also monitor her progress will know that she decided to walk out of the reserve last week and, presumably because she was in heat at the time, our boys attempted to follow her.  They got to about 2.5 km of the reserve boundary, but after a prolonged rest in the hot sun, James was able to chase them back northwards where they have remained ever since.  


The following morning a couple of the boys attempt to climb a tree, with less than spectacular success, and that afternoon they appear to start exploring more of the area (Lindt in the lead), ranging close to the eastern mountains.  A few days later they again return to this area, but fortunately show no inclination to try and scale them.


After spending what is for them an unprecedented amount of time away from our females, the boys finally returned to the pens and proceeded to spend several days close by.  Ra still does most of the courting (with Misty), although the boys have shown some considerable interest in Tisha and Shanti, although that interest isn't returned in the slightest and those two stay well away from the fence.  Unusually however, the boys have stopped fighting amongst themselves.


It's been sometime since we found a kill site, but the boys are remaining in good condition, so they must still be hunting as needed. 


Yesterday the boys drank from the waterhole close to park HQ (and James' residence), before heading towards the mountains for much of the day.  In the evening they again returned to the females' pen.



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