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Wednesday, 6 May 2009

NamibRand Boys - as of 2/May

The boys again ranged towards the mountains a few days ago, but fortunately the lure of the girls seems to be continuing to hold their interest and after scaring our observers for a few hours, they returned to the pens. Close to the park HQ/farmhouse they made a pretty spectacular kill, although alas it was overnight and no one witnessed it. The following morning however it rapidly became clear that they'd finally managed to bring down their long sought-after zebra! A young one, but nonetheless an impressive achievement. They were Very fat after that for several days.

As April turned into May, they made a hunting trip back out onto the pan once more. It is a good place to hunt at the moment, with very large herds of game available and it is a nice long way away from any of the park boundaries. The only catch they appeared to have made however was a springbok, but nonetheless it will keep them going.

On the female front, Tisha and shanti are both starting to show interest in the boys. They are not yet approaching the fence-line, but they clearly are aware of the boys movements, and are often to be found watching them intently. They both seem a lot more comfortable now that they are in the big 50 ha pen.


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