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Saturday, 28 November 2009

Update from NamibRand - update as of 25/Nov

Hi all, and Happy Thanksgiving to our US followers!

Data on the five males at NamibRand has been a little sparse of late, but it's certainly enough to see that they are remaining in the same area. Every few days they range out, probably to hunt, although we have no confirmed kills since the giraffe on the 4th.  Early yesterday morning they revisited the guest house and scent-marked the wall while carefully avoiding the security light and it's motion sensor.  

The female, in the meantime, is currently about 7.5km from the reserve boundary in the same area as the last few weeks.  She is currently moving south, but that may be just a brief foray.  She has twice been within 2 km of the C19, but is not straying far.


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