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Wednesday, 9 December 2009

First artificial insemination on Anatolian

Just want to let you know that we had the first artificial insemination (AI) with Zor’s sperm last week!

We bred our Anatolian female Uschi to Zor’s sperm using surgical insemination on the 19th and 20th of November. Zor’s sperm was donated by the Rare Breeds Ranch in the US. Everything went smoothly, so we are hoping for the best. We do have a pregnancy test for dogs and should have access to an ultrasound to test for the success of the breeding.

We will keep you posted.
Take care,
Anne – Genetics Lab


  1. Anonymous7:28 am

    I would like to know why Zor's sperm was used. Does he have special attributes that they are looking to replicate? What makes him more special than, for instance, one of the other Anatolian males in Namibia? Not a criticism in the least, just wondering. Although you could have let Uschi have a good time with one of the locals instead of doing surgery....

  2. CCF's breeding of livestock guarding dogs is very selective. Most puppies born at CCF are sterilised prior to placement on farms, thus there aren't too many breeding males available. Zor's sperm adds genetic diversity to these magnificent dogs.

  3. Anonymous8:09 pm

    Thank you for your answer. I hope the surgery "takes" and that everyone will be soon enjoying some fantastic new puppies.
    In canine AI, is an abdominal laparoscopic incision made, or is it all done through the vaginal canal? Do you know the average percentage of success with canine AI?

  4. It was done surgically. Success rates vary. Probably around 70-80%.