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Saturday, 26 December 2009

Keepers' Notes - Klein

Klein, Merlot’s coalition mate, has been getting most of the attention lately due to his skin issues.  But I think it is important to note how supportive Merlot has been to Klein during this whole ordeal.  For the first time in over a year, I heard Merlot purring while he was licking Klein’s face!  It has always surprised me that although Klein is a good 5kg heavier than Merlot, Merlot is the dominant male, then to hear Merlot of all cats to purr… I was speechless!  Also, during this whole treatment course Klein has been receiving extra treats (with medication hidden ‘cleverley’ inside) and instead of pushing Klein aside to steal the treats for himself, Merlot has stayed in the back, sitting patiently, waiting for his meal.  Even at the end of the day when he has been fed, and Klein needs his afternoon dose of meds, Merlot still accompanies Klein to the fence, sits in the back, and walks away with him once the meds have been administered.  Due to this continual support for his coalition mate, the keepers have been taking extra treats to give to Merlot as well, as a way of thanking Merlot for being such a good friend to Klein.

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  1. "Cleverley", hah! *wink, nudge*. Any progress with Klein's condition?

  2. Anonymous7:33 am

    You write so well, Kate! After reading your entries, I really feel as if I know these lovely boys. Thank you for sharing your life and the life of your dear charges with those of us who cannot visit and meet them in person. Write again soon!
    P.S. What kind of a skin condition does Klein have? Is it getting better? In humans, skin diseases will often require lengthy treatment, too. I hope that Klein will get completely better soon!