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Friday, 5 March 2010

Cheetah Cubs born at Boras Zoo in Sweden

Look at these beautiful cheetah cubs! They were born at Borås Zoo in Sweden.

Borås Zoo started in 1962 and the idea was to create a new modern zoo with
large enclosures and with mixed species exhibits. The big African savannah
is a good example of this, were African species like elephants, giraffes,
Cape buffaloes, zebras, blesboks, elands and ostriches live together. In
another savannah exhibit, white rhinos and cheetahs coexist peacefully.
Today the zoo's focus is African and Nordic wild species, and they take part
in twenty-five breeding programmes.
CCF is honoured to be the Zoo's main In-situ conservation effort for the
last 12 years. Borås They raise funds for CCF through a money box, water
sales, and partnerships with local organizations like the Lions' Club. We
truly thank the Director, Bo Kjellson, and the entire Zoo staff, for all the
work they've done to help. For information about Borås go to
Enjoy these photos, and thanks Borås and all the zoos that support us.

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