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Monday, 22 March 2010

News from Namibia

Hi Cheetah Family!

We have gotten in new cheetahs – 3 male cubs a week ago. They are about eight months old – we worked them up about 4 days ago with the International course and Earthwatch volunteers. Then on Friday we got two more cheetahs –females – about 16 months old. One of them was caught in a gin trap with a wound on her rear toe, which we had to amputate. We worked on them yesterday.

Since its Namibian Independence weekend, I named the female with the wounds after one of Namibia’s most important female freedom fighters – Dr. Libertina Amatila Liberthina – and her sister, Nandi, after Hon. N. Nandi-Ndaitwah, Minister of Environment and Tourism.

OK. This is a quick update. We are having a lot happening here, compounded by the fifth international course on Livestock, Wildlife, and Predator Management.

Will be in more communication soon.


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