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Friday, 14 May 2010

Keeper's Notes - The girls

Since being placed back into the Bellebenno pen along with 15 other females after their stay at NamibRand nature reserve Rosy and Misty have well and truly settled back in. Rosy is back to being a regular at the gate when we arrive for feeding and enjoys running behind the feeding bakkie before she gets her food. She was a bit aggressive towards Kalya and Kiana, who are easy targets being that there are our smallest cheetahs. Time will tell if she becomes brave enough to take on the alpha females Solo and Nina.

We had to drive into the ‘Eland’ cheetah pen today to change the water bowls and pick up bones. Unfortunately Shadow thought it was feeding time and got all excited and started chasing the car all around the pen expecting her meal. When we exited the pen she looked very disappointed and I felt very guilty. So later on when it was time to feed the ‘Eland’ girls I made sure Shadow got the biggest piece.

We had trouble finding Cleo and Luna today, we had to drive around the pen a couple of times but the missing duo were finally found flirting with the four boys in the pen next door. However, the girls were easily persuaded to leave the boys alone when a juicy piece of meat was presented to them.



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  1. Anonymous9:53 am

    Thanks for these news of ccf, it's live, it's so great pleasure. Although coming back in France, every day I read blog to continue the dream, as when we were at CCF, mi-april.
    Many thanks!Brigitte