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Saturday, 1 May 2010

NamibRand Boys: 500 days of freedom! Update as of 30/April

This week's update includes a very special milestone for he boys.  April 22nd was the 500th day since they were released, and this week's tracking data shows that they are still moving actively within their new range.

As you can see on the attached map, the boys started their week close to the Moringa Valley before returning to the Keerweder pens where they spend the next few days.  They made a couple of brief forays west across the main road, and one trip south to the edge of the Losberg and Zebra Dam.  As of Midday yesterday they were just over 1 km SE of Park HQ.

May the next 500 days be equally successful, if not more so.




  1. Anonymous10:46 pm

    Congratulations to everyone involved in this project. You've clearly accomplished what some said was impossible! Thank you for giving these cats a second life in the wild. And you've given hope to all of us CCF supporters.

  2. For ALL of you involved in CCF, i have to say only this :

  3. Anonymous8:14 am

    We are following you closely, I have many many friends getting involved....these infos are precious. Great job!!!!!