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Saturday, 4 September 2010

Chewbaaka work up today

We did a major work up on Chewbaaka today to rehydtate him. 2 liters IV fluids and 3 liters sub Q fluids. He has been having eye problems so we looked carefully -an ulcer in each eye. We also took blood to see how he is doing overall so we can plan more for his health treatments, especially since I leave for Europe and the USA in a week. Finally, working with Dr. Steven O'Brien who is here now, we took genetic samples for genome sequencing. Chewbaaka is doing fine now after an hour and half anesthesia. So am I!

CCF Trustee, Polly Hix, arrived this morning with our new Kangal livestock guarding dog, Aleya. She is two months old and is now with the little goat kids.

The leopard last evening was 8-9 months old. We collected samples, weight, and measurements. All went well.

The new cubs are doing well. They are eating and sleeping and are very playful when awake! So far so good.

We had a group of 60 students from a variety of schools in Namibia.

All else ok.

Dr. Laurie Marker
Executive Director
Cheetah Conservation Fund

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  1. So glad to hear Chewbaaka is doing well.