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Monday, 23 May 2011

Klein goes to the dentist.

Klein with Merlot (archive photo). (c) Patricia Tricorache
Last week we took Klein to the dentist. He had two root canals done on his upper molars. It was a long anaesthetic but the dentist did a good job considering Klein's teeth were not in very good condition. A positive point was that we were able to have another closer look at his herpes skin lesions on his legs. For the past month we have treated him with oral antiviral drugs and we were very pleased to see the positive results. His skin wounds look much, much better. So much so that we hardly had to do any cryotherapy during the dentist trip.

He has recovered well from the dentist, eating well and his skin wounds continue to look good.

We will continue to keep you posted with any new developments.

Anne Haw
Research Veterinarian


  1. Excellent news - pleased he is doing well!

  2. You all are awesome! Thanks for taking such good care of all the cats, dogs, goats, rhinos and whomever visits your neighborhood.