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Monday, 25 July 2011

New cheetah cubs in the area!

We have exciting news. Remember the female cheetah with her 2-year old sons that we released at the end of February when the Wildlife SOS film crew was here from the UK? She had a tooth extracted and we put a satellite collar on her to track her (photo - above). We tracked the collar last week and found her and three cubs in high grass. Here is a photo we were able to capture of two of the cubs.


N.E. A cheetah's gestation period is about 95 days, and the average litter size is 4-5 cubs.


  1. Wonderful news for CCF and the new family! This gives me an overwhelming sense of pride for supporting CCF's activities and the important work they do to help save the wild cheetah. Congrats to Laurie and her team for saving this mother cheetah and her future offspring.