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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Cubs with a Cold

A quick update on the OK cubs (stands for Okakarara, the region from which they came) recently received a wellness checkup from the vet (me!). Two of them were sneezing, had watery nasal discharge, and sounded a bit congested.

I did physical exams on all four of them, including listening to their lungs, taking their temperatures, and checking their hydration and mucous membranes. Good news, it’s just a minor cat cold, no one has a fever, all are still eating well, and nobody is lethargic or feeling badly. It will likely run its course in a few days and all will be fine. I'm on the photo (left) with Suzie Kenney, a one-year intern from England who is primarily responsible for the care and training of the OK cubs.

Sneezes and purrs to all!

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