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Thursday, 1 September 2011

One-year old cheetah cub arrives at CCF.

Last Saturday CCF staff collected a cheetah cub that had been caught by a farmer in the west of the country. The year-old cub had been caught in an area where the farmer had been losing sheep, so he set a capture cage. There were other tracks around the cage, so the mother and other cubs were in the area; however, after a day, the other cheetahs had left the area. The CCF team, headed by Kat Forsthye and Gail Potgieter, brought the cub to CCF where it underwent a health check. After anesthesia, the cub was weighed (28 kg), measured, blood collected, and minor capture cage wounds treated (photo below). The cub was in very good condition and was put into one of CCF’s quarantine pens, where it will be monitored for a few days after which it will be placed with other orphan cubs that are near its age.

We also had a film crew here on Sunday filming a story about the cheetahs and eye damage from bush encroachment. As you know, thorns on the bushes can seriously injure the cheetahs, sometimes causing eye damage and blindness.We look forward to receiving information of when and where the documentary will be aired.

Finally, as the Chewbaaka Memorial Challenge came to an end yesterday, our staff is busy tallying the donations to find out how we did. However, we want to thank everyone who made a donation to honour Mr. C.


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