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Friday, 2 November 2012

Puppy Day!

It’s amazing how quickly time goes, especially when you’re a little puppy! But Feliz’s little ones have grown big and strong, and it’s time for them to make their own way in the big wild world of a livestock guarding dog.

At CCF we hold a ‘Puppy Day’ for our future owners of the puppies. This gives us a chance to hold informal training sessions on raising and training, problems and advice as well as basic healthcare and nutrition. This day gives CCF a chance to get to know the farmers and is always good fun for all! Especially when it comes to choosing which puppy to take home.

This time round we placed five puppies: three females and two males. One of the females has been placed as a future breeding dog for CCF so we look forward to reporting on that once she is fully grown and ready to have puppies of her own!

The puppies will be closely monitored over the coming months with a visit at 12 weeks for their rabies vaccinations, followed by a six month progress check. They will then be visited at a year old to receive their booster vaccinations and to check on their progress as by this time they should be mature working dogs.
In the meantime we wish them luck in their future careers, protecting small-stock from predators  and helping to save cheetahs across Namibia! 

-- Anja Bradley

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    Of course the goaties are trying to eat the purse lol