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Friday, 27 February 2009

Namib Rand Boys - day 77 (Feb. 23)

                        The boys are still out in the pan after their unsuccessful hunting of Hartebeest the night before. Judging by their position, they may have continued to follow the herd for some time.  During the course of the morning they move slowly back towards the pen.  During a short rest they completely ignore a group of springbok walking past.


When we rejoin them in the early afternoon however, it appears that they have successfully hunted a young oryx ( Horns: w 11.5cm l 31cm Approx. Body length: .95m).  Very little is left, and by this point the boys are grooming each-other with Mushara cleaning Kia, Cadbury and Lindt cleaning each-other and Ra still feeding.  They eventually move off in early evening and return to the girls' side at around 9pm.


James also reports that he is now encountering a number of tourists who have seen the "Cheetah Man" documentary aired on British TV a couple of weeks ago that dealt with the release of these five cheetahs.



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