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Friday, 6 February 2009

NamibRand update from Chris

Just made up this image of the releases to 29th January. The yellow dots represent the first release of the five boys - note how much time they spend hugging the mountains, having come from Amani Lodge (where they were in a mountainous area). The light blue dots represent the second release of the five boys after they had been in the holding pen for two months - note how much time they are spending in the plains, almost exactly opposite to the first release. Rosie and Misty have obviously played a huge role in this, but I believe it also accounts for the improved success rate of hunting on this second attempt. The rad dots represent the movements of the female and cubs that were released on the reserve last month.


In the meantime, we have two photos of the cheetahs to show. The first one shows the wild female cheetah resting under a shepherd's tree. Her two cubs were with her, but were hiding behind the tree when the picture was taken. The second one shows all five male cheetahs drinking at the Keerweder waterhole.

DSC_0338.JPG DSC_0256.JPG

Hope you enjoy.

All the best,


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