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Wednesday, 18 February 2009

NamibRand Mom and Cubs (Feb. 12th-18th)

The collared female spent some considerable time (over a day) in almost the same location. We asked James to ensure she was still healthy and he found remains of a springbok kill at that location. She had by that time moved on, but had clearly taken her time over the meal.

She killed an adult springbok at -24.96675, 16.06229. It was of decent size, probably a male. Horns: w 15cm l 25cm. Approx. body length: 1.28m

The kill must have been made either early in the morning or evening during or just after the rains. The tracks were fairly fresh and easy to follow. It seems she surprised the springbok in some bushes of what looks like an old river bed. She then ran it down in a NE direction over about 150m. The spot where her tracks begin to run are at -24.968052, 16.062684. The springbok crossed in front of her before breaking into a run. It looks as if it was taken down just as it tried to turn. Most of the carcass had been consumed and there had been no vulture/jackal presence in the area.

She has been moving south for the last three days. See map below.

090218 Mom.jpg


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