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Monday, 20 July 2009

Too Much Gala Excitement!

The CCF gala Saturday night in Windhoek went well; everyone was dressed up - you wouldn't recognise us!  But on the way back to CCF the next day, Kate, Matt, Rob, Lee, and Ryan were in a car accident. They overturned the car about 30 km before Okahandja. Kate was driving one of the new bakkies (trucks) and apparently another vehicle swerved onto the road in front of her!  She tried to avoid a collision but failed. The bakkie rolled a couple of times before coming to a standstill on its roof.  Everyone escaped unharmed except scrapes here and there.  Glad that there was a roll bar, otherwise things would have been worse. But all the gala items were scattered all over the highway!
Matti Nghikembua
CCF Senior Research Assistant


  1. Anonymous12:23 am

    Oh my! That sounds awful. Glad no one was seriously hurt. You all be careful out there. Spitting cobras and black mambas and crazy drivers ... oh my!

  2. On a happier note, the Gala dinner was a success with over 300 people in attendance, and three Conservation Awards presented. More information to come.

  3. Eek. Glad to hear no one got injured except for some nicks and bruises. What did the other driver have to say?