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Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Quick update from Namibia: radio collars, puppies and cubs.

We just released the two male cheetahs that live around CCF with new radio
collars – so this is very exciting, as they now have a satellite collar and
we can see where they are on a regular basis.  We have also been busy with a
litter of puppies we are raising now – they are just a month of age and very
cute. We did just get some new cubs – they are ~ 4 ½ months of age – 4 of
them, a female and 3 males – so cute, so scared, but coming around actually
quite well considering their ages. 


P.S. The photo is of Mischief, one of the new cubs –he is quite a lively
little guy! Please consider sponsoring them. You can meet them on our web
site under How You Can Help.

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