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Thursday, 26 August 2010

NamibRand female - update as of 22/Aug

I've heard that not everyone got last week's update.  I have therefore included both sets of data on this week's map.  Data for both weeks has been a little sparse, and despite today being the download day, no new data is available past Sunday.

Our lady started last week on Witkam and spent several days there.  At some point between the 15th and 18th however, she moved north onto Hammerstein, and then kept going.  By the morning of the 20th (Friday), she had moved onto Neuhof Noord.  She then spent the rest of that day, and much of the weekend there.  The last data point this week places her 100m onto Omkyk (and 11 km ENE of NRNR) at 15:17 on Sunday afternoon.




  1. Anonymous8:40 am

    hello! do you know where is Shanti now?

  2. We are no longer monitoring Shanti due to her radio-collar failing. She is still occasionally seen, so appears to be surviving successfully.