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Sunday, 6 November 2011

Young Dairy Goats Having a "Field Day'

CCF’s farm provides the opportunity to practice and experiment with optimum methods of livestock and non-lethal farm management practices, especially acting as a showcase model of success. Goats and sheep are an essential part of CCF’s livestock guarding dog programme. In 2009,CCF began making fresh goat cheese using the milk from CCF’s dairy goats. The programme aims to facilitate training and skill development around the production of goat dairy products, enables livelihood diversification, and provides supplemental income to community members.

Last week on the 3 November the baby dairy goats were taken out for “exploring and grazing” for the first time.  They go out together (14 of them) and are supervised by a livestock guarding dog and one of the kraal staff.  The babies range in age from 4 months to as young as 1 month.  Grazing and browsing helps them develop their rumen (fermentation stomach) in the weaning process.  Exploring the world around then also helps with normal social development and keeps them entertained.  All went well and the goats seemed to enjoy themselves very much!  They found one particular woodpile quite fun to play on and around.


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