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Thursday, 3 November 2011

Road to Freedom for Two Female Cheetahs?


On Sunday, 30 October, we immobilised and placed radio tracking collars on Xena and Luna, the first two females planned for release. Both females are now in a small pen, awaiting release into the Bellebenno 4,000-hectare camp. The collars are VHF and GPS combination collars for traditional radio-tracking but their movements will also be followed via download of data from GPS satellite. All went well and the cats are tolerating their new collars well. Once they've learn to hunt on their own, they will be considered for release into the wild, hopefully with a group of males which will be immobilised and collared later this year.

Rosie, Gaby, Laurie and Rob collaring one of the females.
Today, the Husbandry team gave Xena and Luna a warthog carcass as part of their “training.”

"Training" to become hunters.

Gaby (CCF's Vet)

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