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Saturday, 29 October 2011

Exciting sighting! Wildmum and cubs caught on camera.

Suzie, a year-long student from Cardiff, came across some exciting new
photos of the cat we call Wildmum while monitoring our cheetah census camera

You might recall that Wildmum was released by CCF in Feb this year with a
collar. We monitored her movements for five months via the satellite data.
When we went to retrieve her collar (which had a time release mechanism on
it) we stumbled across a den with at least three tiny cubs in it! Since then
we hadn't seen her. These recent photos show that she is alive and well and
still has three healthy baby cheetahs with her. You can see two cubs playing
in the tree and the third by the mother. This tree is situated near our
Bellebenno cheetah camp.

Since the beginning of this census in mid 2010, we have seen three set of
cubs, all from different females, captured by our camera traps at play



  1. Good news, indeed! Grow, ye lil pumpkins, grow!

  2. THREE SETS?!? That is awesome news.