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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Thanks ALL - I'm back home!

Hi! I made it back home Sunday evening with enough time to say hi to all the
animals and see all the different construction progress and have dinner with
the staff. All the animals look really good –Isha and Finn, the scat finding
dogs, went crazy to see me and both have tried to keep me in their sight
since I got back. The OK cubs and the Stars were also very glad to see me,
loud purrs!!! The horses were happy and all the goats, goat kids and
livestock guarding dogs are looking great! Yesterday was a good day as I was
able to catch up with everyone.

We worked on Klein (photo) – the herpes virus lesions on his legs are not
looking very good, so he had more treatment to clean them, in addition our
local dentist came out to CCF and did another root canal on him. We had two
visiting vets with us yesterday and today – friends from the San Francisco
area, Kathy Gervais and Alan Stewart – we know them from WCN. Today, they
helped us in the goat yard, as all the goats got their annual rabies

And as you know, never a dull moment, a French film crew has arrived,
fortunately today and not yesterday, when they were scheduled, thus allowing
me more time to catch up. It's hot, and there are some clouds in the sky. We
are hoping for some rain soon as there are a lot of lighting and thunder
storms around. 

Thanks to all who participated in one way or another in my nearly two
month-long and very productive USA tour. This would not have been possible
without all our chapter, volunteers, staff, and of course, our friends and

Many cheetah purrs,



  1. I happy to hear that you made it back home safely.

    You are the change that many wish to see in the world.

    Thank you for everything you do!

  2. Go Laurie! Glad you're home with all the cats.

    See you in DC next year.

    -Jon / the photographer

  3. Laurie, from two of your biggest fans, welcome home. You are an inspiration, big time.
    Mike and Nancy
    Maryland, USA

  4. Aren't homcomings wonderful? Glad the ruby slippers still have their magic. ;)