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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Wildlifexpo – Alexandra Palace (London, 14-16 October, 2011)

The Wildlifexpo, a major new wildlife exhibition, was finally upon us and after much planning and preparation, CCF UK was ready and waiting to take part. A stand had been set up in prime position in the exhibition hall for all the visitors, and our name-board certainly stood out in the crowd.

We spoke to a great many visitors over the two day Xpo and raised awareness of the plight of the cheetah and also the Cheetah Conservation Fund and the work carried out in Namibia and around the world. Our stand was also visited by a number of people who had already volunteered at CCF Namibia and wanted to become more involved. Meeting the enthusiastic volunteers who were helping out certainly increased interest and visitors were requesting information on volunteering and sponsoring a cheetah. Barbara of Big Cat Photography, who kindly allowed us to share her stand, also sold cheetah pins and cuddly toys on our behalf which were well received.

Unfortunately Laurie was not able to fit the Xpo into her busy schedule so I gave lectures on her behalf. The lectures covered the ecology of the cheetah and the work of CCF. They were well attended and many questions were asked giving us the opportunity to really raise awareness and offer ideas of how the UK can become more involved. We hope to organise and attend many more events in the coming months.


Anja Bradley
Development Research Consultant
Cheetah Conservation Fund (UK)

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  1. Hope is all went well. Keep up the wonderful work!