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Thursday, 27 October 2011

Cheetahs aiming high...way high!!!

I went for a walk with some of our male resident cheetahs last evening. The gang had been out of the pen next to the dam for a few days due to construction of the new, adjoining pen. littleC immediately went up in the tree while "The Boys" (Smartman and Blondeman) and Ron checked out the big mound. After littleC came down, Ron marked the tree as cheetahs do and moved on. Smartman did not even bother doing that. But Blondeman decided to go up….way up! This is much higher than I have ever seen the Stars or littleC!

Bruce A. Brewer, PhD
General Manager

1 comment:

  1. Boys are always one-upping each other, aren't they? Good for Blondeman! Thanks for the amusing post.